Regents Scholarship

Continue your education with the Regents Scholarship!

One of the perks of employment at the University is the Regents Scholarship. This benefit allows an employee to pursue a degree or take classes at the University of Minnesota at a greatly reduced rate. But… let’s be honest: it’s a very intimidating to think about applying to college,  returning to the classroom, and being successful academically, especially if you have had a gap in enrollment, or if you’ve never attended a college class.

These departments are available to help you begin to navigate the application, transfer credits, funding, research, writing and other challenges.

  • Advising and Academic Services: Visit with collegiate advising staff to learn how courses can count toward certificate programs, a bachelors degree, or meeting pre-requisites for graduate school.  We can also discuss the registration process, course pre-requisites, and how to resolve course access issues.
  • Kathryn A. Martin Library: The Kathryn A. Martin Library is the perfect place to find books, articles and scholarly materials. Our friendly staff of librarians are experts in finding information and make research a breeze; staff are welcome to meet in person, email or chat with an information professional.
  • UMD Human Resources and Equal Opportunity: receives Regents Scholarship application, verifies eligibility, and then forwards the application to Registrar's Office to process credit to student account.
  • Academic Writing and Learning Center: Located on the second floor of Martin Library, the Academic Writing and Learning Center houses three programs: 1) The Tutoring Center offers high-achieving peer undergraduates who will help you through some of UMD’s most challenging courses, such as chemistry, mathematics, biology, computer science, engineering, languages, business, and physics; 2) The Writers’ Workshop offers professional consultants who will work with you one-to-one on whatever you are writing, whether for a class or for your job; and 3) The Supportive Services Program offers three full-time faculty members who will sit down with you to discuss academic issues, resources, and ways to succeed. They also teach courses, such as Learning Strategies and Academic Reading and Writing, which will help you meet the demands of college-level work.
  • Career and Internship Services: Career & Internship Services can help you much the same as we help students. Meet with a career counselor to discuss potential majors or graduate programs and how those fit with your future career ideas. You can also use our office for: taking career assessments, reviewing personal statements for grad school applications, reviewing your resume, planning your career goals, and more. Stop by our office in the Wedge, Solon Campus Center 22.
  • Office of the Registrar: We can help you apply as a Guest (non-degree) student to take a few classes.  We can also help you navigate the tools to help you understand how any previously earned college credit might transfer to a UMD.  If you are a degree seeking student, we can give you tips and tricks to understand your APAS degree audit report.
  • Graduate School: For University employees using Regents Scholarships to pursue post-baccalaureate study, the UMD Graduate Office can provide answers to questions about the graduate application process, connect you with program offices, and advise on Graduate School policy and procedures, including special rules that apply to academic employees who wish to pursue graduate degrees. Visit us in 431 Darland or online.
  • Disability Resources:Disability Resources promotes access on campus and works with students with disabilities to coordinate academic accommodations.  Our office serves any student with a documented disability, including students who have ADHD, mental health conditions, autism spectrum disorder, acquired brain injury, physical, sensory, or learning disabilities.  Disability Resources is free and confidential.