Staff Senate Overview

Official Charge

The Staff Senate is the governing body for staff. The senate communicates information from staff to the UCC and to members of the administration and also disseminates information from the UCC and administration to the Staff Assembly. The senate facilitates discussion of issues raised by staff, various committees, or members of the administration and provides consultation, advice, and recommendations to members of the administration and the appropriate committees (except on terms and conditions of work governed by Collective Bargaining Agreements or university system work rules). The senate serves as an advocate for staff and establishes task forces and/or working groups on specific issues as needed.


12 elected voting members:

    • 3 Staff P&A (without rank)
    • 3 Staff Civil Service non-bargaining
    • 3 Staff Civil Service bargaining¬†(minimum of 1 of the 3 from AFSCME and one from Teamsters)
    • 3 Staff At-large

Standing Rules of the Staff Senate